Wedding photography poses in 2023

Can a wedding photographer get natural, romantic poses from couples without asking them to pose?

That’s the question I’ve been asked many times. Here are my thoughts.

I used to ask couples to put their hands in different positions. For the most part, I wasn’t satisfied with the experience and results. I tried experimenting with setting up the stage. That’s right, you can set it up, and here’s how.

Once the ceremony is over and I need some shots of just the groom and bride, I bring them apart from their guests and families (this way they won’t be distracted), and I speak to them briefly to congratulate them and to calm them down from the excitement with key phrases like finally alone. After that, I ask them if I can take some natural-looking romantic photographs of them while they talk about topics like how the ceremony was, how they got ready, and how everything turned out while their memories are still fresh. As they talk, I take some photos from a distance.

It’s important to have a wide-range lens to give them privacy. A second camera would come in handy to take different angles and expressions from both the bride and groom’s faces alike. I also like to create sequences but you can see how I use those in my videos about weddings.

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